The Book Of Jacob

The Book Of Jacob

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    This is a story that is too amazing to NOT tell! It is my personal account of incredible things that are happening around us. I am a natural projector. The out of body experience has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As far as I can tell, the OBE is perfectly natural and an untapped potential for all of us. In this volume, I have attempted to bridge the gap between religious, scientific, and metaphysical understandings of the OBE. Please understand that I am not attempting to offend anyone. I am merely telling my story, as I experienced it. I will be drawing parallels and stating implications. I do not believe it wise to draw any conclusions at this point. Also understand that I am not a writer by profession. Please do not be too distracted by my own creative use of the English language.

    Also, if it is your desire to find full enlightenment, you will have to look elsewhere. It is important for you to start down your own path of enlightened awareness, if you haven’t already.

    This book is not meant to offer hope and faith. I will attempt to provide ‘nuts and bolts’. This phenomenon is real!

    It is my intention that this book resonate with people who are already aware of their own dream state lessons or other dream state phenomenon. People have always approached the subject of OBE’s and LD’s with passive skepticism and nobody has every really gotten to the bottom of it all. NO MORE! There is more to this experience than limited awareness. Much more! We have separated ourselves from the true nature of our existence and are beginning to get back to our ancient way of life, and that is through understanding ourselves and the reality around us by first knowing that we are more than our physical bodies. Furthermore, it is my attention to help inspire a whole new generation of projectors. This experience is right in front of you, waiting for you to grasp it.

    Feel free to conclude that I am crazy if you want to. I am firm in my resolve to advance the knowledge I have learned from benevolent, non-physical mentorship.



Brief History of OBE

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Brief History of OBE.


    The Out of Body Experience is a natural, human, energy-body-awareness event where one finds oneself exteriorized, and operating completely free and independent from their physical body.  Free to fly around and observe the real world from a completely different perspective. Our physical human body systems have a highly complex energy-body counterpart. Part of that system of energy includes the mechanism whereby we exteriorize an actual energy-body state that can house (expand) our consciousness, and allow us to exist independent of our human-body-awareness state. The OBE state can be induced consciously through meditation and energy work, or, if you are like me, it will occur spontaneously no matter what. This is a completely natural process and is a genuine untapped human potential for all of us. The OBE and awareness of astral states has been a part of the human experience since the very beginning.

    Countless events in human history have unfolded as a result of information that came from ‘seers’ ‘prophets’ ‘mystics’ or ‘interpreters or dreams’. Events that have laid the groundwork for religions, governments, profound historic undertakings and, dare I say, future historic episodes, are caught up in how humans interoperate the information gleamed from the LD and OBE states. In a strange twist of fate, these same ‘mystics’ and ‘seers’ have always been seen as heretics by the rest o the world, and (dare I say) still are.

    I remember hearing the story of a man who was poor, alone, and left for dead by his family. And even while in prison, was able to prove to perhaps the most powerful ruler in history, that affluent knowledge of dreams and dream-state-lessons could save the entire known world from destroying itself. THIS IS PROFOUND! I also heard of a man from Denmark who had an energy-body-awareness event that inspired him to create the original model of the atom and, eventually, had a profound effect on the entire world and our understanding of energy. I could go on and on about history and OBE’s, but the fact is that these types of events are occurring all of the time, in all religions, all cultures, all geographic locations, all walks of life, and always have been. The only thing that really changes is our interpretations of these events and how they affect our understanding of ourselves, and the world around us. The OBE is completely natural and happens to each and every one of us at some level.

    The lucid dream experience is also an energy-body-awareness event. The ‘lucid’ refers to the level of waking consciousness that we bring with us into the dream-states. I want to point out here that there are many differences between LD states and OBE states. And there are many states in between. We will not go into that right now except to say that they are all very natural energy-body-awareness events that, even though these awareness-states differ greatly, they are also very much the same. Especially with respect to how they have the tendency to change our personal lives, and the world around us in powerful ways. These LD and OBE experiences have been with us since the dawn of our existence, and remain alive and well with us today. Again, the only thing that has changed over time is our knowledge, understanding and practice of these types of events.




















OBE and Science

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    The Out of Body Experience and Science


    The scientific community, regarding the out-of-body-experience, has advanced quite a number of interesting studies. The idea of a system of subtle biological energies existing throughout the entirety of the human body is nothing new to medical science. As time goes on, and as science explores the vast expanse that is the complexities of the universe, so goes the exploration into the world of OBE’s, from a scientific perspective. There is a formula with regards to how we approach scientific study. It is a completely different approach, altogether, from how OBE and astral-awareness events have been viewed throughout history. The purely scientific observer has the responsibility to be as objective as humanly possible. Science has a responsibility to hypothesize, observe, experiment, document, theorize, etc., as skeptics. Anything studied under a truly scientific model must be observed and produced under specific conditions, and then reproduced under the same conditions. We have come a long way, scientifically speaking, by sticking to strict scientific study principles. The same is true with OBE. Our documented, scientific knowledge of subtle biological energies and the nature of energy-body-awareness events are also increasing by leaps and bounds. The more thought and experimentation that we undertake, the more we learn and understand.

    The more we learn and understand, the more we realize that there is an inherent problem when studying the dynamics of OBE. This is a subjective experience. Any information brought back by an experiencer cannot be recorded in an objective manner by an observer. Which is to say, a scientist cannot just take the word of a human experiencer as proof. Not in a lab. We have to prove, prove, and recreate our findings. It is also true that a projector cannot simply take the instructions from an observer and automatically apply that to a projection experience. That is a very advanced and disciplined undertaking. To be completely honest, by the time I was able to induce a fully conscience exit projection, I was well past the point of trying to prove it to anybody. For the experimenter, the reality of the experience is not in question, and the idea of verifying the event to an observer in the room becomes less and less important over time. To the observer, nothing actually HAPPENS. This creates a, seemingly, unbridgeable gap between science and the study of OBE, by ways of subjective observer. Fortunately, the reality of OBE is a subject that will not go away, and science is being forced to look at OBE and energy-body-awareness events in different ways. First hand subjective observation is not the only way to study this phenomenon.

    A survey was taken in the 1890’s, in the UK by the British Society for Psychical Research. While this study involves an unsophisticated view of OBE and related events, it was still an amazing undertaking involving over 17,000 participants in a project that spanned over 3 years. The questions were vague and they touched on a variety of phenomenon, but the study gave us one of our first glimpses into a new way of looking at OBE, in an objective, scientific manner.  Today, though, the questions are not the same. Our understanding of OBE has become much more sophisticated. By the same token, we have become much more sophisticated in the way we approach scientific studies and surveys. If you consult the ‘oracle’, (Google) you can find all sorts of surveys related to OBE. Most OBE research sites are promoting their own point of view, and they are consistent with personal reports of OBE, but they are lacking in actual scientific investigation. This is primarily because they have no NEED for scientific verification. Other sites, even though they are spiritual or metaphysical in nature, have recognized the need for scientific scrutiny, and approach this subject with more of a scientific mindset. I recently took an online survey offered as a part of an ongoing study of the OBE. I did another search and took another, equally as involved, survey. I. Became aware of several ongoing projects that are very interesting. Feel free to do the research for yourself. I am going to paraphrase my findings with regards to information taken from various Internet and independent surveys taken recently regarding OBE and related phenomenon.

    No matter what your opinion of OBE is, these are the facts: An overwhelming majority of people surveyed, 75 to 80 percent, reported experiencing a fully conscience exit projection. Of those who did not report first hand OBE, a majority of those people believe in the experience, and fully expect to have an OBE one day. 65 to 75 percent (still overwhelming) reported having multiple bouts with sleep paralysis. About 60 percent of all people have reported experiencing OBE related energy-body-sensations including, varying degrees of vibration, motion, vertigo, full-body electrical hum, and other energetic pulses throughout the body. About the same amount of people reported experiencing other OBE related phenomenon including; astral noises, seeing through closed eyelids, seeing apparitions/orbs etc. About 80 to 85 percent reported having at least one lucid-style dream, precognitive dream, or one dream related deja vu. 25 to 30 percent reported spontaneous memories of past lives or previous existences. About one half of people surveyed consider themselves religious, or coming from a religious background, while 70 to 80 percent consider themselves highly spiritual. Of those who considered themselves religious, about 75 percent find direct conflict with the teachings of their religions and their personal beliefs and experiences regarding OBE. Even though surveys are not absolutely scientific in nature, the implications of the results of recent and ongoing survey projects are profound, to say the least. Keep your eyes on these types of projects. These are the people who are working to bridge the gap between science and subjective, esoteric subjects. As the future unfolds, I believe that projects like these and the organizations behind them will take their rightful place among the most important freethinkers in history. Until then, I am afraid that subjective human experience will take a backseat to the current model for scientific experimentation. Still yet, there is much more to the out-of-body-experience, and there is much more that science can sink their teeth into.

    The most obvious link between science and OBE has been around for longer than you would think. Hypocrates, (400 BC) otherwise known as the ‘father of medicine’, developed the idea that dreams were an indication of the health of a patient. Wouldn’t you know the Father of Medicine was a forerunner in the study of dreams and dream-states with regard to science and medicine? Many specialties in medical science are closely related to the study of sleep, dreams, and dream-state phenomenon. From psychology to cardiology to neurology to otolaryngology, much of the groundwork for scientific study of OBE has already been laid. In 1996 the American Medical Association recognized Sleep Medicine ad its own specialty. A virtual explosion of breakthroughs, and advancements, has occurred ever since. Modern sleep medicine has adopted and built upon much earlier observations and theories. Obvious eye movement during sleep was observed and documented in 1868 by a man named William Griesinger. Freud and others noted the paralysis of the human body, during sleep, in the early 1900’s. Medical science no longer denies the link between sleep and physical and mental health. Furthermore, all of the many scientific studies and experimentations that have taken place have kicked up some extraordinary findings. Not so much with regards to the nature of OBE, but specifically with the ongoing recognition of a system of subtle bio-electrical energies that correspond to the physical makeup of the human body. Medical science has given us a model/diagram of the stages of sleep, and have developed a sensitive testing mechanism that we can use to study sleep and related sleep-states. This is not new. The electroencephalogram, EEG, is a testing procedure that measures brain waves, alpha, beta, delta, and theta. (Brain waves are a part of the human energy-body makeup.) The idea is to take the data from multiple test patients and create a model of the stages of sleep from the subjects. Then, use EEG to gather data from the bioelectrical makeup of the brain activity of a patient, and be able to cross-reference the results with ‘normal’ results taken from healthy patients. EEG is the most important test to date regarding the diagnosis of sleep disorders. CAT scans and NMR’s are also revolutionary tools in sleep medicine. EMG and EOG record the movement of small muscles in the human body by way of tiny electrical signals, which are part of a larger energy-body makeup. Again, we have come a long way. The existence of a highly complex system of subtle energies attached to the human body is being mapped out by medical science. And it is by way of sleep, and the study of sleep. The more we learn, the more we refine our approach, and the more we can apply what we are learning to the scrutiny of scientific study. The more we look into subtle energies within and beyond the human body, the more we will find. We definitely have a long way to go, and the people in the medical community have their work cut out for them.

    Another incredible medical discovery has been advanced by medical science, one that has the OBE communities standing at attention. This discovery has to do with the anatomy of the human brain, and the mechanism in the brain that keeps the ‘seat of consciousness’ firmly in place, somewhere behind the eyes. Many articles on the anatomy of the human brain have been advanced; unfortunately you almost have to be a brain surgeon to understand them. So, I will report the findings, as I understand them. Apparently, ‘the part of the brain that can induce out-of-body-experiences has been located’. Doctors were doing electro-mapping experiments on a patient who suffered from right-temporal seizures. A 4mA current was applied to the right angular-gyrus, and sent this patient into a fully conscience exit projection. The OBE described by the patient was chaotic, but typical of the OBE’s described by countless experiencers throughout history. This is HUGE! Of course, we have to be careful when considering the implications of this discovery. And, of course, much more study regarding the function of the angular-gyrus portion of the human brain must be undertaken. But the idea of science taking its first steps into developing technology that can induce a fully conscience exit projection is very exciting to the OBE community. This discovery has many levels of the medical and scientific communities rethinking their positions on OBE and the reality of the disassociate events with regards to consciousness and the human body. This is an example of the many discoveries in science that have given credence to those who dare to continue to report on the reality of OBE. As time goes on, the relationship between the brain and EBS (energy-body-sensations) will be mapped out, and the existence of an entirely new set of senses will be verified by medical science, and the mapping of the complex system of subtle energies that exist within and around the physical body can be undertaken by credible members of the scientific communities.

    There is also a gland in the human brain, about the size of a grain of rice medical science seems to be confused about. The pineal gland is located directly in the center of the brain, at the top of the spinal cord. Studies have mixed results about the function of the pineal gland. The ‘brain sand’ inside the gland is made up of calcium carbonate, and does not seem to bee too impressive to scientists. One of the functions seems to be the release of meletonin, an amino acid that science is also not sure of. It also effects the modulation between waking and sleeping. Some scientists have forwarded the idea that the pineal gland is left over from a rather larger organ that used to be located more to the center of the forehead. The pineal gland is stimulated by darkness, and inhibited by light. Studies in animals suggest that the gland may be the remnant from the earliest photosensitive organs in evolution. THE FIRST EYE. Which in humans, has given way to a set of eyes, right and left, and the leftover light-sensitive vestige is referred to as the THIRD EYE. Any subjective research into the human energy-body will surely turn up a completely different function for the third eye. There is an area between the eyes, into the forehead and in front of it. The size of this area seems to be between the size of a golf ball, and the size of a tennis ball. It is an energy center known as the Brow Center, and has been a part of many spiritual and religious traditions for tens of thousands of years. This energy center corresponds to the pineal gland and can be activated with energy work. It is being reasoned that the glands that make up the Endocrine system are more than they are cracked up to be. These glands closely correspond to the location of the other energy centers in the energy-body. And can also be stimulated during energy work. Of course, the endocrine system has a completely different set of functions throughout the physical body. And where much work has been done, much credit is due. We’ve only just begun. Again, medical science has not yet caught up with the wisdom of the ancients, but there is much work being done and there are breakthroughs constantly. Eventually, we will bridge the gap between the metaphysical views of OBE and the scientific reality of OBE.

    There are a lot of concepts in modern theoretical physics that are simply impossible (seemingly) to wrap your brain around. Stephen Hawking had me brain-whipped with ‘string theory’. I get it now, but I had to really stretch my brain to get it. I encourage everyone to become aware of his or her own limits when it comes to understanding theoretical physics. The reason that I bring this up is because it is the same thing with understanding theoretical metaphysics. I have become quite savvy with understanding and explaining a lot of the many mysteries. That is because of the natural abilities that have manifested in my spiritual life. I have given much more thought to these things, and do not struggle to understand the nature of them.

Hawking forwarded a theory, recently, regarding the current makeup of the universe with regard to how it all started. It is much different than the ‘big bang’ theory, much more different and exciting. Hawking laid the groundwork for the understanding of a multi-dimensional universe. He described the different dimensions as ‘membranes’ existing simultaneously on different planes of existence. These membranes sometimes come in contact with each other creating specific singularities in their respective realities. For you and me, that means ‘Big Bang’.

This is also very exciting information. Many people in the OBE community have been theorizing about the multidimensional makeup of the universe too. Theorizing and experimenting. Understanding reality through studying the multidimensional state of our physical universe is now a shared goal of science and the OBE communities.



The OBE and Government

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The Out-of-Body-Experience and Government(s)


    Governments of the world are caught up in determining the nature of OBE’s and altered states. In recent years, the US Government has declassified secret government and military projects involving OBE and ‘remote viewing’. This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to government involvement in esoteric subjects. While it is surely important for any governing body to approach subjects with scientific scrutiny, governments are not, actually, bound by the laws of science. Which means that they don’t necessarily have to prove their findings by the same standards, and they definitely do not have to share their findings with the rest of the world. Also, they can act in complete secrecy from the rest of the world and thereby do not, apparently, answer to anyone. This gives, among other things, the green light to study these kinds of things without scrutiny or shame. I believe that it is safe to assume that government/military studies into the subject of OBE’s, LD’s and the existence of the human energy-body systems are decades ahead of what is known by the rest of the scientific communities, and the whole rest of the world. But since governments would rather try to dumb-down and control the human experience, than empower us to save ourselves, and the rest of the world, it may still be a long time before we are privy to the knowledge gained by the secret government projects involving OBE. That does not mean that we can’t take into consideration what we HAVE learned from the government.

    We know that the branches of the US Government have been implementing projects involving psychics to locate ‘targets’ with specific importance to the CIA, the Military and National Security. This is no longer a secret. Much of the information regarding these ‘black ops’ projects has been declassified, and have been made available to the public. An American physicist, Russell Targ, coined the term ‘Remote Viewing’ while doing research into a secret, compartmentalized project involving ESP and Psychics. Targ and other respected physicists founded a research program that spanned 23 years and cost an estimated 25 million dollars. The idea of remote viewing is not a new one. Psychics and seers throughout history have been reporting these types of experiences for a ling time. People who do not report psychic abilities have spontaneous RV events from time to time. Remote viewing is a type of mental-projection whereby one channels information in a similar manner as OBE. These types of projections are different from the fully exteriorized exit projection. In remote viewing, subjects are tested for a pre-existing aptitude for psychic abilities. Those who are selected do not get to meet each other. They do not get any information about their ‘targets’, rather they are instructed to write or draw whatever comes to mind. The subjects are observed throughout the duration of the experiment, and the results are recorded for analysis. In 1995 the American Institute for Research, as appointed by the CIA, stepped in to perform an independent analysis of the results of these projects. The AIR ultimately concluded that the results were not significant enough to justify any further research into the matter, as the idea of remote viewing was no longer considered credible by the US intelligence community. Many believe that the CIA took over the project, and are still employing psychics for RV-type operations, and that AIR was sent in to discredit and debunk the RV projects so that certain other arms of the government would not interfere with the plans that the CIA had for the future of the Government based RV programs. In the meantime, the private sector has taken the idea of RV and ran with it. RV experiments seem to be hit & miss, but as we refine our research paradigm we learn more every day, and we are turning the results around for the better.

    The US government is not the only government that has had an interest in studying mental-projections. The Ministry of Defense, UK, recently declassified a set of their own documents regarding the research into mental-projection and RV. Their subjects were not screened for pre-existing psi aptitude, but they were still given ‘targets’ to locate by way of psychic channels. They too were to record their findings in writing by words or drawings. The information taken from these 18 subjects were catalogued and analyzed. Just like in the studies by the American Government, the findings were inconclusive based on the hit & miss nature of RV. The UK studies have been declassified and made public.

There are a number of reasons that governments would have ongoing interest in studying the mental-projection abilities of highly skilled psychics. The primary reason is the phenomenon is real, and people around the world are becoming quite savvy. Generally, governments (especially the US government) do not like competition. I think it is safe to say that the implications concerning OBE and RV keeps the government(s) interested in the subject. Whereas I think it is ‘cute’ that RV study projects have been made public, I am offended by the insinuation the government no longer studies these things. I know for a fact that this phenomenon is real. This means that other people know too. LOTS OF PEOPLE! Including people in charge of secret government black ops projects. We still live in a world where power begets power, and money and war are the lifeblood of the evil people of the world. Any great secret or wonder will be confiscated, studied and adapted into the chaos and wars that keep all of the people of the world dying and ignorant, and in need of GOVERNMENT help. Unfortunately, that is how it is, and no matter what the governments of the world may or may not know, they are not caught up in the plight of humanity, and they will not give up what they know. Not yet.



The OBE and Religion

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The Out-of-Body-Experience and Religion.


    Second Corinthians 12, 2-4: 2: I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell, or weather out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth,) 3: And I knew such an man, (whether in the body or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth,) 4: How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words that are not lawful for man to utter.


    Wow! (I am beside myself.)

    The Bible is riddled (no pun intended) with references to OBE and LD states, visions, prophecies, healings, and even spirit channeling. The story of Jesus is one of my favorite stories of personal transformation. Many of the accounts of the apostles and other people of that time recall some fantastic spiritual energy-body events with great detail. A transfiguration event occurred on a mountain with multiple witnesses. This is a type of Energy-body-awareness event that I have been aware of in my personal life. Most every religion has vivid descriptions of these types of occurrences within their texts or scriptures. Many religious people think it is impossible to have experiences like these unless you are some type of special, ordained, messenger from God. There is a major disconnect between religion and spirituality. Somehow people became more concerned with the history and dogma of their respective religions that they lost touch with the spiritual nature of their very own souls. As time goes by, that disconnect is reinforced, and people are not able to embrace the spiritual aspects of their existence. I do not believe that this was the intent of the many gifted people throughout history, but it certainly seems to be the outcome. Our spirituality is trying at all times to break through, and that is true for all of us.

    When exploring the concept of OBE and religion, I think it is important to keep in mind the different religious perspectives that exist. There is a major difference between the belief in worshipping a single God-figure, and the belief in an individual inward connection with spirituality and the universe. Monotheism is the belief in a single, all-powerful God. In the monotheistic traditions, any significant spiritual event that happens to any individual can only happen by the will of God. All concepts of creation, pre-life, after-life, prayer, worship, etc., are all aspects of revelations given directly from God. For the most part, modern monotheistic views do not deny the spiritual nature and makeup of the human soul. Rather they insist that this is Gods territory, and any meddling therein is blasphemy or and unforgivable act of heresy. It seems to be much easier to give your soul to a God-figure, than to except the challenge of discovering our own souls for ourselves. Either way, the OBE has been an interugal part of the concept of spirituality in both traditions.

    Some religious people are far more open to the study and practice of OBE and altered states. Transcendental meditation is the art of controlling altered states, including OBE and LD states, through meditation. Buddhists and Hindus have always had a more inward approach to the study of God and the universe, and therefore have always been more in touch with the personal spiritual nature of our existence. One of the underlying truths about the personal study of OBE is that it is generally synonymous with an ‘inward’ spiritual journey. A connection is established with ones higher self and the entire nature of the study of OBE changes. Which is why these subjects come up more with religion and spirituality than in science. Remember also that religion came before science, and the scientific study of these events can’t be undertaken until science is ‘invented’.

    As all of the many religious people of the world seek the wisdom of their ancient and most wise texts, so shall I seek the wisdom of the different ancient texts? I have always tried to approach any religious text with a certain amount of respect. I certainly do not want to offend any of the faithful people of their respective religions. As I read more of the different scriptures of the old world, I see more and more similarities than I see differences. Especially with regard to OBE and astral awareness states. Visions, prophecies, walking ‘in the spirit’, all have a striking resemblance to OBE and related phenomenon. As one practices energy-work, and trance-work, and as one practices toward OBE, one becomes aware of much more than the exteriorized, out-of-body states. All sorts of phenomenon that have been labeled supernatural, are really energy-awareness-stages and are part of our conscience connection between us and the nature of our existence. There is a lot to consider.

    All the religions of old, according to their own texts, began with energy-body-awareness events and, more importantly, their interpretations of these events.

    Ancient Hindu texts describe the vital body, and its relationship with our understanding of God and the universe. Many of the writings contain stories of Gods and Deities to describe the vital-body, and the flow of subtle energies. The Yogi’s of old have mapped out the primary energy centers that we are talking about, with regards to energy work. They are called Chakras. And they are energy vortexes that make up, in part, an entire system of spiritual energy. Each chakra at each location in the vital body represents different spiritual aspects of an individual’s existence, and resonates differently, according to individual spiritual attainment. The aim of one who was on the path of the Yogi’s is to gain balance between the consciousness and the cosmic-consciousness, through understanding and practicing of inspiring energy flow and, eventually, a full Kundalini event. This is exactly what we in the OBE field are trying to do. I was aware of primary, secondary, (and more) energy centers before I ever heard of the Hindu’s or eastern Indian philosophy. I was also aware of the connection with ones higher self before I ever started reading about ‘cosmic-consciousness’ as described by the old texts. I was even aware of a profound type of energy event involving an awakening of my entire energetic/spiritual makeup, and a rising of intense energy curling up through my energy centers and out the top of my head, BEFORE I ever started learning about Kundalini related events. The art and practice of OBE is nothing new, at least not to the many people who come from the Hindu traditions.

    Another one of the world’s oldest and wisest schools of religious thought comes from the teachings of Buddha. Buddhism began as people began to be mindful of their thoughts through meditation. The earliest texts go into vast detail about the stages of consciousness and the journey toward full enlightenment through meditation. Buddhists have formalized and expanded their understanding and practice of meditation. The Buddha teaches us to expand our awareness and understanding of the universe through the absence of ego and meditation. Many different traditions have unfolded in Buddhism. There are different approaches to how one can adapt the Buddhist understanding of meditation to their lives. Discipline and meditation is the common ingredient. The basic formula to meditation is proper breathing and breath awareness. The ancient texts are very clear on that. Once one masters the basic/root skills of meditation, one can move on to more advanced and sophisticated levels of awareness, through more advanced meditative awareness-states. Concepts like, reincarnation, ascension, nirvana etc., have been brought to us by the mystic teachings of Buddhist monks by way of spiritual enlightenment and, deep meditative insight. This is also the aim of the modern projector.  Adapted through the years, the Buddhist perspective is a very popular one, and one that encourages an inward search for oneness with the universe. There is no room here for the belief in a single God-figure. The two schools of thought are at odds with each other, even though the goal is the same.

    Even the concepts held true in Judaism and Christianity have their beginnings tied into the concepts of OBE and altered states. Prayer and worship are a form of meditation. Mystic events in the bible are synonymous with prayer and worship. Most types of energy-body event are seen to be Devine intervention by God, as opposed to an AWARENESS event. I have spoken to many knowledgeable people regarding the soul, pre-life, after-life, prophecy etc. And I have read the Bible several times. The texts describe COUNTLESS events that fall into the category of OBE and related phenomenon. Prophesy, healing, resurrection, dream interpretation, spirit channeling, walking ‘in the spirit’, all are described in the bible in great detail. Nobody seems to deny these kinds of experiences, but at the same time, nobody will be so bold as to say that they understand them. People simply discount the ability of the person having the experience. They give away the entire mystery of understanding and enlightenment through theses experiences. Instead they would rather believe that this is all God’s territory. Even to the point of it being a sin to try and understand the actual mechanism by which God would send his messages and work his miracles. There is no room in that mindset for me. I have had firsthand experiences with many of the supernatural/mystic experiences described in the bible, and I promise you, God did not send me to glorify anybody. I believe that the message of Jesus was to free our minds, and souls from the dogmatic attitudes of religion. Empower your own understanding of God and the universe. Look inward. Turn away from the things that would serve to cut us off from our understanding of God. Religion has failed us. That was the message of Jesus. That is the message of Jacob. Destroy your house, and I will build it back again in three days. Read the bible again. Open your minds. Meditate and pray about the true teachings of Jesus, and you will find your own lives come alive with the power of the living god within you. Which is your awareness of your ACTUAL relationship with God. The out-of-body experience is an awareness experience, and is attainable by every living being on the planet, regardless of race, religion, color, creed, age or faith. Let’s all learn as much as we can about the OBE without making a new religion.

The OBE and Metaphysics

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The out-of-body-experience and Metaphysics.


    Metaphysics is the word given to describe the research and investigation into the dynamics and mechanisms of the ‘supernatural’. All of the many concepts left over that science and religion seem to have denied. In the metaphysical world you will run across highly controversial subject matter that most of the world will consider to be ‘fringe’. Subjects like: UFO’s, OBE, reincarnation, spirit channeling, demonic possession, spirits/ghosts, NDE, soothsaying, prophecy, dream-study, ESP, clairvoyance, telekinesis, you name it. If it hasn’t been fully accepted and documented by religion or science, then it doesn’t exist. At least that is what we are taught to believe. There was a time in our history that even Science was fringe, and any research into the physical makeup of our surroundings, were considered heresy. Now science and physics are making the rules for us. And if someone has something to add to the study of the human existence paradigm, they are ridiculed to the point of self-annihilation. We really do live in a world that is geared towards calling out and destroying the very same independent thought that brought us this far in the first place. Of course I am not saying that you should believe everything that you come across in the metaphysical world. I don’t say that about science or religion, I cannot say that about the metaphysical. For those of you who have absolutely zero experience with the paranormal or (seemingly) supernatural, I say “good for you.” Do the world a favor, and stop coming to grand conclusions regarding the rest of us. There are too many questions that still need to be answered. People have been aware of OBE and related events since the beginning of mankind. And people have a responsibility to get to the bottom of these things. Especially considering how far we have come with religion and science, and still do not have any more answers regarding OBE than we did thousands of years ago. Most people have had at least one precognitive dream, spontaneous psychic experience, or dejavu. Many others (religious or otherwise) have had spontaneous OBE. How many reports of NDE have to be documented before people begin to challenge themselves to understand this phenomenon? People, embrace your experiences! We are on the threshold of learning the most amazing things. Just like the great freethinkers of the past, with regard to science, we must have the courage to stand up and accept the responsibility to undergo the proper experimentation required to expand our understanding of OBE. I believe that we can change the supernatural into the natural, by opening our minds. If you do not want to accept the truth of what I am saying then stand aside. Nobody is going to force you to believe anything that you do not want to. Do not judge people who are caught up in this. I personally, (until recently) never asked for any of this. The spontaneous OBE has plagued me all of my life. It wasn’t until I mustered the COURAGE to embrace the experiences did my understanding begin to change. If you are not ‘into it’ then don’t be. Let me do it. Let others do it. Please do not put me in a box and poke me with a stick. There is an untapped potential sitting out there for all of us to grasp. There is more to the human experience than meets the eye, and I, for one, am not going to let religion, science, or government do my thinking for me.

    I always look at the world through my OBE ‘goggles’. I read into things too much sometimes and as a result, I spend a lot of time sifting through the old texts, looking for personal accounts of specific types of spiritual events. In the big picture, understanding the OBE is the key to understanding many of the different mysteries of the supernatural.

    It makes sense to me that if one was exteriorized and out of body, then there is a possibility that someone else might see them. See them or sense something. I have given this a lot of thought while out of body. I have tried many times, with mixed results, to interact with people while I was out of my body. At some level, I know that they are aware of me, even if not directly. I wonder if some of the ghost/apparition stories that we hear have something to do with OBE. Surely if someone were to become aware of me, I would look like a ghost or something, right? I believe that we travel with an exteriorized energy-body when we are out of our bodies. This can be detected in different ways. Perhaps at some level, someone who sees someone else who is exteriorized is clairvoyant. It makes sense. I have never seen a ghost or apparition, but that does not mean that I have not freaked people out before. Perhaps clairvoyance and the ghost phenomenon are closer connected to the OBE than we have come to understand. The NDE is an OBE that occurs while a person’s vital body receives specific signals from the physical body, and begins the final exit process. Many times people’s physical bodies recover during these episodes, and the person lives. But the experience these people have during the event is sacred and profound. This kind of experience has been labeled the near-death-experience. It is a full exteriorization event, and has occurred all throughout history. The profound nature of the experience leaves a person completely changed. It gives us evidence that the OBE states will continue after death, and that we all have souls that live on, perhaps, forever. And if we are living temporarily in our physical bodies, then perhaps we have lived in other physical bodies in the past. Reincarnation is a theme that will not go away. Ancient Buddhist texts go into great detail about the concept of reincarnation. Also when considering the OBE, the subject of reincarnation keeps coming up too. Advanced meditative awareness states can give us all information regarding these topics. Many of the wise people of old were aware of this, and so am I. A lot of deep seeded personal and/or religious beliefs come from the information gleamed from these deep meditative states. There is an art and practice involved. Anyone can see Visions. I know that the true ‘visionary’ event can be experienced by anyone from any walk of life, and does. The concept of having visions is much broader than we can deal with here. And it is a very personal and touchy subject too. But the mechanisms are the same, transcendental awareness thru altered states and the flow of bio-spiritual energy. Prophecy is a great example. Again the mechanisms are the same. In fact I’ll bet with more research were going to find most all of the fringe subjects come to life through the study of OBE. We have to break down and label the levels of trance-conciousness. We have to map out the energy-body complex. We have to break down and map out the astral awareness states. The astral realm is a highly subjective place, but we have to lay signposts and study the entire multidimensional world. We have to come up with the courage to break through. There is a whole other part of our existence, and we are cut off from it. I believe that we are closer than we think. I believe that if we begin to study OBE (on a large scale) then we begin to understand many of the concepts of the supernatural. Marry physics with metaphysics. Nobody has to lose his or her religious beliefs. Nobody is denying the everlasting powers that may exist in the universe. Look! If we weren’t supposed to become aware of these things, then, we would not BE aware of them. I am going to dig deeper.

The Early Years

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The Early Years.


    My first experiences with OBE were terrifying, and I wanted nothing to do with them. It was nothing that I could explain to anyone at the time. They were terrible. Sometimes it would take me days to get over an event. I hated it. There is a primal fear/panic involved. I could never understand what was happening. I would wake suddenly to a sound or voice, startling me. I could always feel strong adrenaline like panic sensations. They seemed to emanate strongly from my solar plexus. I was always paralyzed from head to toe. No matter how hard I tried, I could not move. I could never scream or muster a single sound. There were these insanely strong vibrations. Hard to imagine, it is like being in a giant paint mixer. They were violent vibrations that I thought would certainly tear me apart. I remember that they would sweep through my entire body, up then down, then increasing until I was sure I would explode. They would get so violent and I was in so much primal terror that I just wanted to die.  I could hear what was going on around me. Sometimes the television or radio would be on, and I could hear the whole thing. Other times I could hear my brother or sister in another room. I would always try and scream for help, but I was paralyzed, and could not scream. To make matters worse, there was always, suddenly, someone else in the room with me, someone who seemed to be creating the terrible sensations. It was some sort of large, menacing, terrifying entity. It was always large and dark and seemed to hover right above me. It seemed to always be looking into my very soul. It was very invasive. Sometimes I could force my eyes open and look around, but I was always so scared that I would just try and squeeze them shut and try and wait it out. There was someone there. This would all go on like this for ten to fifteen minutes. Then the vibrations would subside and eventually I could move again. I was usually sobbing and freaking out. I could never explain what the hell I was going through except to say that I thought there was someone in my room. Damn it. It was happening as early as 5 or 6 years old. I remember being in kindergarten or first grade and wondering when the teacher was going to start the lessons on vibrations and being paralyzed and what it all meant. Of course there were no such lessons, at least not in today’s schools. I was plagued by these occurrences for 12 or 13 years. They would sometimes come more frequently than other times. Sometimes they would occur every night for weeks, then it wouldn’t happen for a month or so. As I got older, I would keep diaries and journals. I could not recognize any kind of pattern to the events. I learned early on that I had to keep it to myself. There was nobody who wanted to talk about it, so I eventually gave up trying. I knew that I was on my own, and that made the whole thing very much more terrifying. It became my goal in life to find a way to stop it. Each time that it would happen, I would wish it were my last. As I grew older I would always keep my eyes and ears open to anything that would lead me to an answer. I remember being 11 or 12 years old when I read the bible the first time. I was looking for some kind of answer. Maybe I was being attacked by demons, or maybe I was possessed. Or maybe there was some other evidence of it happening to others. I had to keep it all to myself. People thought that I was getting kinda Weird. Keep in mind here; this is before I had ever heard of astral projection or OBE. I had not yet had the full-exteriorized experience, and I had never heard of it. I was bound and determined to stop it. I remember praying for forgiveness for whatever I had done. I remember throwing out the most panicked prayers to Jesus and to God to please save me or help me. Over and over there was never any help or comfort or peace of any sort. I remember looking around at church, at all of the people singing and waving their arms, and being amazed that out of all of these deeply religious people, there is not one of them who can help me. I was about 13 years old when I started keeping daily journals. I always remember wanting to document the events and in 1987, something happened that changed the way I looked at the whole phenomenon for the worst. I knew that I had to start writing these things down. I was living in Yelm Washington at the time, and we lived out in the boonies. (Not far from the J.Z. Night complex.) One night I was lying in my bed, about to go to sleep. I remember feeling the familiar wave of fear rush through me before I even lay down. I tried as hard as I could to forget about it, and close my eyes. It was windy outside and I think I remember lightning too. As I lay there, I knew that the vibrations were going to attack soon. I thought that I’d try and anticipate it be able to stop it before it comes. It had never worked before but I was always trying. Damn it, I was already very scared. I tried so hard to just think about something else. Eventually, of course, the vibrations kicked in. They were slow at first, and then they grew strong very fast. I tried to stand up. It was too late! There was this strong, burning surge of adrenaline-like wave sweep through my body. I was terrified. I could hear the wind outside. I was paralyzed and vibrating out of control. I tried to move my arms as hard as I could. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t scream, I wasn’t sure that I was breathing at all. The fear is indescribable. It burned. Very primal feeling, like being small mouse in the dark just before being pounced on by an owl! It seemed like a long time. I decided I would try and just open my eyes. I mustered all of the strength that I could, and opened up my eyes. I wish I didn’t.  I wish I would have just lain there and waited it out. But I didn’t just wait it out; I was able to open my eyes. There was this very bright light at the top of my sight. As I squinted my eyes I saw right in front of me, clear as day, 3 large heads attached to these little skinny bodies. They had these large black, almond shaped eyes. I was in pure panic. I was sure my body was gagging or vomiting. All I could do was stare at the one in the middle. I could not believe it. It was invading my mind. I could feel it. Like being raped or something. It was just staring back at me. Fucking menacing! I could only scream at him in my mind. “You have no right, you have no right!” They clearly did not seem to be very interested in how I felt about it. The other two did move around. I was just staring at the one in front of me. I was still lying down and it was hovering over me staring straight into my eyes. I felt so goddamned inferior, and helpless. Finally, I was able to close my eyes, but that did not change things. I felt energy-like pulses and waves at different parts of my body. The vibrations seemed to go on and on. I did not dare open my eyes again. I felt like I was spinning, and then I don’t remember a thing. That is where it all goes blank. I sat up straight in bed in a sheer panic. I have no idea how long it had been, but I remembered the whole thing. I looked out the window, still terrified. I completely expected to see the creatures outside. Believe it or not, I had not yet associated them with UFO’s or ET’s. They were these menacing insect-like creatures, I would think came out of a swamp or something. There was nothing outside the window. I could still feel the electrical feeling in the air, and I was still very terrified. I instantly told myself that it had to be a dream. It seemed to be all over, and I was perfectly happy to try and forget the whole thing. I told myself it was a dream! Of course it was not a dream. What in the hell were those things? I have been experiencing these things for as long as I can remember, but never thought that some sort of creature could have caused them. I did not want to think about it. I couldn’t sleep for weeks. I wrote all about it in my journal. That is when I started hiding my journals. I did not know what to do. I was scared for a long time after that, even in the daytime. I tried as hard as I could to lock it away in my memory, and not think about it. I was devastated. Each time that it happened I wondered if these little creatures were there. It happened about a dozen more times before I hit a ‘dry patch’, where there were no vibrations for weeks. I want to point out right here that this was the only time ever saw anything like this during this type of event. I don’t have a long history of abduction. But I do have this one very terrifying experience. I had heard of Betty and Barney Hill, but I never really paid much attention to the details. Time went by, and the events kept happening, and I kept lying there with my eyes shut.  I would record each one in my journal. I also spent a lot of time in bookstores and libraries. I was trying to find out what was happening to me. I came across a book that changed my perspective. As soon as I saw the cover of the book, my heart dropped into my stomach, and I felt like I was going to throw up. The book was Communion, by Whitley Streiber. It read to me like a terror novel. I couldn’t put it down. The vivid descriptions of electrical sensations and fear and paralysis were almost too much. Intense vibrations, panic, menacing entity in the room, all sounded way too familiar to me. I had never really thought about it. I was always a fan of stuff like UFO’s, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot etc., but I never thought that they were real. Even though I was going through some very strange episodes, I was hoping that they were seizures or something. I still had every intention of finding a way to stop it. From the time that I read that book, until the time I had my first full exteriorized OBE, (at age 17) I was sure that I was being abducted by aliens. Not every time. But I based it in large part to that ONE memory I have of those creatures, and the testimony of the author of that book. I went a good 3, almost 4 years believing that I was being abducted by aliens. I knew that something was happening, and now I thought I knew what it was. I got my hands on every book or article that I could that was about aliens or UFO’s. The more that I learned about the abduction experiences that were occurring; the more I was drawing similarities to my experience. Time and time again, the stories were the same. Bright lights, paralysis, electrical sensations, vibrations, fear/panic, menacing entities, invasion into my mind etc. obviously, the same exact experience. At least that’s what I thought. Yes, I sure did! I look at it all much different now. To be honest with you, I have no idea, to this day, whether or not I was actually abducted by aliens. I had that one experience, and I allowed it to change the way that I viewed the whole experience. It did, however, allow me to clearly see the similarities between the two experiences. I feel terrible for the people who have suffered from the true abduction experience. I have been experiencing the same type of things in my life for as long as I remember. Even now, I hope to hell that it was not little gray aliens that started me down the road to the OBE.  I do not want to undergo memory regression therapy one day, and uncover more terrible memories of strange things in my life. I had not yet had a fully exteriorized OBE so the weight of the similarities between the abduction experience and the OBE was bearing down on me. I would read all my books over and again, highlighting and circling and making notes. I was certainly obsessed, and I had gotten pretty good at hiding it. I could not believe that there wasn’t someone out there who knew what was going on, nobody except these people who were being abducted by aliens. I had no reason to look at books about OBE. I never even heard of it. I remember coming across the term astral projection, but I thought it was more related to crystal gazing than anything else. The truth is that there was a lot of information regarding the experiences that I was having. I simply had not stumbled onto them yet. I was in for a great deal of surprises. But in the meantime, I was stuck in the same routine experience. I felt like I was hanging on for life. You would think that you would eventually get used to it. Not this stuff. I hope that I have been clear about a few things. One, I never asked for this to happen to me. Two, I could not make it stop. Three, nobody could tell me what was going on. The one experience that I have of the alien creatures is the only one. At this point, I had been lying in bed paralyzed and vibrating hundreds of times, if not, more! To this day, I cannot explain away this, one, event. I am just glad it was only one time. I fear that there is more sitting on the edge of my psyche regarding the UFO phenomenon. For right now, I want it to stay there. I am going to tackle the subject of OBE, and the mechanisms thereof. I was on a seemingly dead-end road, doomed to waking up paralyzed and vibrating out of control. I kept my chin up. I have always felt that I would get to the bottom of it. The problem with a ‘rabbit hole’ is that you can dive in, but you may never get to the bottom of it. This was certainly a rabbit hole. I knew that from a young age. I didn’t want to believe in abduction, but under the circumstances, I don’t know what else I was supposed to believe. I did not want the experience to change again. Every time it did, it would just get worse. But the experience did change very suddenly. Just like the ‘one’ experience that I can’t explain away, this experience changed my life. Changed my life by changing the way I approached the experiences that were ruining my life. In one single moment it all changed.


My First Fully Conscious OBE

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My first fully conscience OBE.


    It was the winter of my senior year in high school. I had just turned 17 that September. I was taking a nap on the couch. It was about 2:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday. I remember that it was a nice day outside. Dad was on the back patio grilling food on the BBQ. The television was on but the volume was turned all of the way down. I was lying face down on the couch with my head buried in a pillow. I do not know how long I hade been napping, when I first sensed the vibrations coming. Actually it was just the solar-plexus pulse, I had not yet felt any vibrations. My eyes popped open and I shot up off of the couch as fast as I could. My whole lives goal was to be able to stop it. I have never been able to get up before the vibrations set in, but I did this time. I couldn’t believe it. I could still feel an electrical hum, really weak. Other than that I felt great. No vibrations and I was able to get up and ruin the whole thing. I ran into the dining room to tell my friend, Lee. He was much older, and had the same type of paralysis events too. I ran in to tell him what had just happened, but he was on the phone. I tried to get his attention, but he was talking to his bank about a bank receipt or something and he did not want to talk to me right then. Fine! I knew my mom would be interested. I looked out where dad was grilling, but she was not out there. As I passed by Lee again, I looked on the ground by the desk and saw the paper that he was looking for, and started pointing at it as I went by. He was still ignoring me. I got about half way down the hallway on my way to the back bedrooms when I realized something was very wrong. I could still feel the dull hum. Worst yet I was suddenly hit with a large wave of excitement that usually came before the vibrations set in. I stopped in the middle of the hallway to make sure that I didn’t fall over. All of the sudden I became aware of the vibrations. It’s not like they hit me. It is more like I became aware of them. It was very strange to become aware of these sensations in the middle of walking down the hall. The vibrations became fairly strong, but I could still move just fine. Right about then, I noticed that my hand had somehow slipped through the wall. I was leaning against it, trying not to fall over. My heart started racing. What the hell is going on? As I looked down the hallway, I started to rise slowly off of the ground, very slowly, but enough to scare the hell out of me. I tried to grab onto the wall and push my way down the hall. I remember I was yelling for help. I knew that my mom was just few feet away, but she could not hear me. I was able to guide myself down the hallway. I seemed to float like a helium balloon. I could not move very fast. I was starting to panic! I finally got to where my mom was. She had a bunch of towels in her hands that she had just folded and walked right past me and didn’t even notice me. She spun me around as she passed me as if I was lighter than air. She still could not hear me. She was down stairs and out of sight in no time. Damn it! That is when the vibrations got really, really strong, and I noticed that they seemed to be coming from the center of my brain. As soon as I tried to put my hands on my head, I realized that I could not move. The vibrations kept getting more intense and I thought that I was dieing. My body floated slowly to a horizontal position somewhere toward the ceiling of the hallway. Things started to ‘fade’ out. Just then I was back on the couch, vibrating out of control. Everything was familiar, the full-body-hum, and the vibrations etc. everything was how I remembered this strange paralysis state to be except one thing. As I lay there I realized that I was not afraid. I did not have the burning fear layer. It was not there! The vibrations continued. I also realized that the menacing entity that had been my companion throughout these events was gone. There was nobody in my mind except for me. For the first time, I did not think that I was going to die before the vibrations stopped. I actually had a minute to lie there and think about what was happening for once. The vibrations subsided quickly, and I could move in a few moments.

    I sat up on the couch as fast as I could. I was completely exhausted. I felt like I needed to go back to sleep but I was too excited. I got up off of the couch and ran into where Lee was. (I did pause to look back to make sure that I was not still on the couch this time.) He was still on the phone. I got under the desk and picked up the piece of paper that I saw while I was floating around. It was really there. I gave it too Lee and ran downstairs where my mom was. She was putting away some towels in the closet downstairs. I insisted that she must have seen me as she left her bedroom, but she was sure that she did not! She must have been accustomed to hearing me explain strange things, because she did not act like it was a big deal. I was freaking out I went back upstairs and sat back down on the couch. I was going over every detail in my mind. From start to finish, everything was perfectly clear and lucid. I didn’t even know that I was ‘out’. This had never happened before. I knew that I would have to write about this in my journal, but I had no idea where to begin. As I sit there on the couch, Lee came around the corner and asked, “what’s this?” referring to the piece of paper that I had handed him. I told him all about what had just happened. He was clearly amazed. That wasn’t the paper that he was talking to the bank about, but it was definitely something that he had been looking for. This was getting very confusing, and I wasn’t sure anymore if I was dreaming or not. Of course I wasn’t, but I wasn’t sure anymore. Everything was surreal. I didn’t really know how to absorb the experience. All I could really do was try my best to write the whole thing down just as I remember it. And that is exactly what I did. As I sat and wrote, I realized that this, one, experience was going to change everything. This is what I had been waiting for. I was trying to find a way to stop it from happening; instead I triggered a fully-conscience out-of-body-experience. Again, I did not know much about the OBE. In fact I didn’t really know anything about it. I was completely beside myself. (No pun intended.) Not only was this the first time I had ever floated freely of my physical body, it was the first time that I experienced the vibrations and energy pulsed without being completely terrified. I remembered feeling the vibrations quite strong, after I was back in my body. They were very strong and so was the excited adrenaline-type energy, but they were not invasive or scary. I was still paralyzed, but the menacing entity that usually accompanies this experience was not there. It was not there and neither was the intense fear. I was profoundly moved, and for the first time, I found myself hoping that it would happen again soon. I certainly had completed a milestone in my understanding and awareness. I felt like I had a new goal in life. I started sobbing as I continued writing. I thanked the powers that be. I was thinking that my days of fear were over. Surely I was on a new path. I had a lot to think about and I had my work cut out for me now.

    I started searching the bookstores and libraries for any book that had something to do with OBE’s and astral projection. As it turns out, there is a lot of information out there regarding what I was going through. I read book after book. Article after article. I couldn’t get enough. I was no longer buying up all of the books on abduction; I was buying up all of the books on OBE. I was learning a lot. I had no idea that so many people were having these types of experiences in their lives. I was sure that I would find a definitive answer now! What I actually found was more questions than answers.  There were differing schools of thought regarding OBE. On one end of the spectrum, people were talking about chakras, and auras, and crystal balls, and other new-age stuff. On the other end, people were laughing and making fun. I figured that there would be a comfortable center somewhere. I was sure that I would find some highly gifted projectors who could help me on my quest for answers. As it turns out, there is! I came across a book by a man named Robert Monroe. It was called Journeys Out Of The Body. I was completely blown away by the descriptions of the experience. The spontaneous nature of his experiences was more like what I was experiencing than many of the other testimonies of OBE. I was getting somewhere now! Monroe was developing technology involving sound. By isolating and controlling the sounds going into each ear, he was able to show synchronization would occur between the two hemispheres of the brain. A variety of effects would occur when one would experiment with hemisphere synchronization. It wasn’t necessarily the direct effects that ended up being so fantastic, but it was the side effects that changed his life. Monroe would find himself fully exteriorized and out of his body. The experiences were random and spontaneous at first. His descriptions of being out of body are closer to my own than others who were reporting the experience. Many projectors have written personal accounts and forwarded personal theories regarding these types of events. It seems to me that if you were to read some of the literature you come across in this field, you would begin to think that these things are easily attainable. Oh yeah, just meditate once our twice, and you got it. Not so! Out of all of the ‘how-to’ books out there, I have never been able to put a system of meditation and exit-techniques to work for me. Meditation and trance work are unique to each person and trying to force and exit is a very advanced undertaking. It seems that Monroe did not have this problem. Somehow the hemi-sync technology that he had stumbled across triggered something in his brain that caused him to project spontaneously. In fact, once the experiences began, he was not able to find a way to stop them! Now he was forced to figure it all out for himself. He made it a personal goal for himself to be able to control and induce this event. Eventually, of course, he was able to find an exit method that worked for him, and the true journey began. According to Monroe, he would spend a minute meditating on a couch or armchair. He would spend about as much time as it took to locate the vibrations, then he would exit. This is a formula that took him years to develop for himself, but once he mastered it, he was able to have an OBE whenever he wanted. Amazing! You can find out all about Robert Monroe and Hemi-Sync technology by visiting the website. He founded the Monroe Institute, which is still a pioneering school of thought when it comes to all stages of spiritual development especially with regard to OBE. It is an amazing story and it is one that I personally feel connected to. Monroe went on to write Far Journey’s and Ultimate Journey, each book picks up where the last one left off, and together, they make the most exciting trilogy of books that I have ever read, and the most important work to date involving OBE. I feel personally connected to Monroe’s work because of the spontaneous nature of his experiences. He did not ask for it, and I can relate. Of course there are many elements to Monroe’s journeys that I have not experienced. He describes amazing accounts of traveling through the astral realms and beyond. I have some amazing stories to tell too, but not quite the caliber of his. Not yet!

    My own experiences were not yet that sophisticated. Whereas it was true that I had turned a corner with my experiences, I still had not come far enough. The events in my life were chaotic. I could not induce exit sensations, and even when they came spontaneously I was not able to exit. I could not reproduce the exit event that occurred while I was napping on the couch that day. I was keeping detailed journals and I was learning a lot. I thought that if I could not force exit sensations, then I would try and predict when it was going to happen on its own. I could not detect a pattern to the events. Sometimes it would happen every night for weeks, other times it would not happen for a month or so. The more I tried, the more frustrated I was getting. None of the tricks that I read about seemed to work for me. I could not induce the event! I was forced to do my experimenting by way of spontaneous occurrence. Which is to say that no matter what I did, I had to wait for the next event. If that is what I had to do then that is what I was going to do. Fine! This went on for several years. Even when I found myself paralyzed and vibrating intensely, I could not find a way to exit. The first time I was able to just get up very easily. I did not even think about trying to exit. Now I was fighting an incredibly strong pull back to my body. It was like I was fighting against paralysis, strong vibrations, and a magnetic pull back to my body. Sometimes the intense fear barrier would return, making things even less manageable. One step forward and two steps back. That is how I felt about my progress. Every once in a while I would exit without a problem. I would be able to consciously exit about once a month, but it was very difficult! Exiting was never easy, and even when I did, I noticed that I was struggling with a whole new set of problems. Whenever I was able to fight my way past the vibrations and through the paralysis and excitement, and out of my body, I found myself faced with an entirely different set of problems. The typical fully exteriorized event would only last 30 seconds to a minute. Not only that, but I found out right away that there were more snags and pitfalls than I ever anticipated. I would often completely lose vision. I was often unable to move. I sometimes would find myself in environments that I could not explain. I had no idea what it would be like navigating through a place without a single point of reference. Matter was not the same, movement was not the same, even thought itself was completely different. I realized that my actions happened almost before I had the thought. I no longer had the luxury of sitting back and carefully forming my thoughts before I put them into action. The mechanisms of thought and awareness are instantaneous. That took a lot of getting used to. I wondered if this was why I would end up in such strange and unfamiliar places after an exit. Perhaps I went exactly where I wanted to go, even if I have no recollection of actually wanting to go there. I was in over my head. I had no idea what was going on. I realized that there were more places to visit in this environment, other that the ‘real world’. Once exteriorized, I would usually find myself somewhere in my house, observing everything from within my new environment. My best guess was that I was observing a projected double of the real world. Maybe the entirety of matter had an energy-copy that exists slightly out of phase with the original. I knew that I could see and observe the real world from this perspective, and now I was wondering how much, if any, I could affect it. I spent a lot of time trying to interact with people or even just get their attention. I would get carried away with feeling the textures of different things while putting my hands through them. Sometimes I would grab large ‘doughy’ handfuls of astral matter and put it somewhere else, and try and see what the effect was in the real world. I never really got the answers that I wanted, but I would always try. I would do whatever exploration that I could, at the time, and report my findings in my journal. I was also beginning to allow myself to wonder if I was going crazy. Maybe we were all crazy. It was definitely possible that these events were nothing more than elaborate hallucinations. I was determined to keep my mind open. In fact, I began to look for a good psychiatrist. I wanted to gather information about what was happening to me from any angle that I could. If there was a school of thought regarding OBE then I was going to be a part of it. I wanted to know everything. I decided that I would take the time to seek help from the mental health professionals of the time. What did I have to lose? I was seeking the truth, and was committed to having the courage to except the truth, no matter how it would affect my life. With that, a new chapter in my life began.


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Abrupt-onset Alpha.


    I was giving more and more thought to seeing a psychiatrist about the events in my life. If I was willing to trust mystics and psychics, then I figured that I should be willing to trust a doctor too. I had personal medical insurance so I decided that it was time to explore a mental health and/or medical explanation to what was going on. This was a long time coming. I was very apprehensive at the thought of letting a doctor poke around inside my brain. I was sure that I would be put on some kind of psych medication, and I did not want to further complicate the problems that I was already having. I did a little research into the field of psychiatry looking for the kind of doctor that would be fit to take on my ‘problem’. I ended up having to get a referral through my insurance company before I could see a mental health professional. Which I thought was strange; maybe my DOCTOR could make that decision. I was referred to a psychiatrist who took the time to hear what I had to say. He was very understanding, but after listening to my detailed descriptions of the physical sensations, paralysis, etc., he took some time to explain to me that I was not going crazy or losing my mind. He insisted that there was a medical reason for the symptoms that I was describing. Apparently, this was not the first time that he had to explain this to someone. He was very calm and convincing and I was very happy to take his advice.  I was advised to seek the help of sleep medicine doctors. And since we had several first class sleep medicine facilities in the greater Puget Sound area, I was excited to do so. I actually felt a lot better after seeing the psych doctor. I was assured that I was not the victim of an overactive imagination, and that I was not behaving in a way that was unhealthy from a mental health perspective. He went on to tell my about sleep paralysis, stages of sleep, and hypno-pompic hallucinations. I was happy to hear everything he had to say. So far, so good.

    This time I needed to get the referral from my family doctor, which was relatively painless. I briefly described the symptoms and he was more than happy to refer me out. I remember him explaining to me that while he was in medical school, he did a lot of research regarding sleep medicine. He seemed excited to talk about it. He went on and on about the amazing advancements that have occurred with regard to sleep health, the brain, and our understanding of sleep. I was amazed. I always felt that doctors would not give me the time of day. I remember asking him if it was possible that I was having some sort of seizure or something. Of course he said that it was possible, but not really likely. The damage to my brain and nervous and muscular systems would be immense taking into account the sheer number of times these events were occurring. He also mentioned that he didn’t think that they were seizures of any kind because they only occurred during sleep, and being conscience of a seizure was not very likely either. Not wanting to jump to any conclusions, he suggested that we start with the sleep doctors at XXXXX Medical Center. I went home that day very excited. I worked in the medical insurance field, and I was well aware of the first class reputation that followed the doctors at XXXXX. I was not sure about the sleep medicine department, but taking into account the success of the entire XXXXXX Medical Center’s history, I was sure that I was in good hands. My initial evaluation was typical. I was not able to see the doctor at that time, but there were others there that would help me through the process. I spent a lot of time filling out questionnaires regarding my symptoms. I had done my research regarding sleep paralysis and hallucinations. I was able to describe my symptoms in a well thought out objective manner. And I was assured that I was not the first person who came in talking about these things. I was starting to really think that I was going to find my answers here. I was scheduled to come back a couple of other times. I was able to finally meet with some of the doctors and get some tough questions answered. One of the doctors that I met on my second visit said something that opened my eyes a little. We were discussing the kinds of sleep disorders that existed, and he was going into much detail about the nature of sleep paralysis, why we paralyze ourselves, how we paralyze ourselves, and that coming to full consciousness while still being paralyzed from sleep usually comes with accompanying hallucinations. Apparently they were quite savvy regarding patient reports of sleep paralysis. Now he was educating me. He went on to explain that most patients report the same things; paralysis, chest pressure, menacing fear, the sense that someone is in the room with you, etc. I was very excited to be hearing all of this from a doctor. He continued by explaining that hallucinations were not just a visual experience. The truth is that one is just as likely to smell, hear, taste or feel a hallucination. And that is probably what is happening when I am feeling the vibrations. I was sure that I did not like that answer, but it made sense. I was committed to following through with the recommendations of the doctors no matter how I felt about it. I had been back the sleep disorder center several times before they decided to schedule a sleep study. I was very excited. I was to have an overnight sleep study. The sleep medicine doctors are exceedingly good at what they do. I was given a detailed explanation of the testing procedure. They were going to start by shaving my head so that they could attach tiny electrical leads to different parts of my head and chest and face and arms and fingers etc. I was told that I would be taking several naps throughout the first day, and that they would record the results. I would be sleeping throughout the night while they recorded the information. And there were a series of naps that I would take on day 2. It all sounded like science fiction to me, but it was exactly what I was hoping for. If these doctors were going to record brain waves while I slept, then I was going to give them a show. I had no doubts. I read over all of the literature that they sent home with me, and I spent the next several weeks reading all about the EEG. It seems that if I was going to find out any answers from the medical community, now was going to be the time. If I was going to take 8-10 half hour naps and sleep through the night, I was sure to have an OBE-type episode or energy-body event. I couldn’t wait.

    I showed up to the sleep disorders center with my head already shaved! Let’s get on with it. After getting checked in, assigned to my room etc., Dr. ZZZZZ came in with a couple other medical professionals and introduced them to me. One of them was the man who was going to be conducting the procedure and collecting the data. The other was a lady who was going to be ‘observing’. He explained that there would be others who read the data but that he would be the one, ultimately, who analyzed and interpreted the information. He just wanted to be sure that I understood that this was going to be a slow process, and that I shouldn’t expect results right away. He went on to explain that results were many times inconclusive and further testing may be needed before any conclusions could be made. I understood completely. I was just excited that I was going to have my sleep patterns observed by the best technology in the sleep medicine industry. I was very impressed. I signed the last of the liability forms and we began. I lay down on the bed and got comfortable as the tech hooked up the dozens of electrodes to their corresponding monitoring device. I was going to have to sleep on my back but that didn’t bother me. I was more worried about the wires pulling at my head and face. When it came time for the first nap, I was ready. The tech gave the thumbs-up to the camera and left the room, turning off the light before he closed the door behind him. Despite the uncomfortable conditions, I was relaxed and ready to take a nap. (If there is one guy in this world who is good at taking naps, it is definitely I!) I was asleep in no time. I was only allowed to sleep for a half an hour. The tech woke me up and unhooked me. I had some time to kill before the next nap. This was awesome. I went downstairs to smoke a cigarette. I was packing around this giant bundle of wires that were stuck to my head and face. I must have looked like Frankenstein. I went back upstairs and we continued with the second nap. This one was uneventful also. I was hoping for some vibrations by now but nothing was happening. Oh well, I still had plenty of time. I took 2 more naps like this over the next couple of hours. Each half hour nap was uneventful. They were just regular naps with no vibrations or paralysis or anything. I was starting to get discouraged. After dinner, I had some time to kill so I decided to read a book that I brought with me. I was starting to nod off and as I did, this loud voice came from a speaker over the bed informing me that it wasn’t bedtime, and that I would have to put the book down so that I did not get too sleepy. I replied saying that it was normal for me to get sleepy while reading. There was no answer. I decided to just watch television instead. Just before bedtime, the tech came in and hooked me back up and the whole procedure started again, this time I was to sleep throughout the night. I was just hoping for something to happen. Of course it did not! Not a thing, damn! I was getting less and less optimistic. How can we get a reading on these energy-body events, it they do not happen? I knew that after breakfast, there were 4 more naps, and then that’s it. Time to go home. As I lay down for the first nap, I remember being very frustrated. Even so, I fell asleep in no time. Again, nothing happened, just restful sleep. I found it ironic that I had spent so much time trying to stop it, and now I was desperately wishing that it would happen. The next 3 naps seemed to go fast. At one point during the second to last nap, I did feel some slight vibrations, but that was it. I was completely disappointed. As far as I was concerned, there was no point in reading the data because nothing happened. I tried not to show how frustrated I was. I was so hopeful that I would capture a full event. There would surely be evidence in the data that would be anomalous, and I would have something to go off of. Now I was sure that it was all just a waste. I had a lot to think about on the bus ride home. Not only did I have to wait several weeks for the results, now I was sure that there would be more tests. This was turning into another dead end. To make matters worse, the very next time I went to sleep I had a very vivid fully conscience-exit-projection. Go figure.

    Several weeks went by before Dr. ZZZZZ’s office called to schedule the follow up appointment. I insisted that I be seen as soon as possible and they set me up with an appointment the following week. I had an overwhelming feeling of dread every time that I thought about the appointment. I really wanted for the doctor to tell me something specific about his findings. The more that I thought about it, the more I realized that I was not going to be happy either way. If he tells me that I have some sort of neural or brain disorder, I am not going to be happy with that either. What a predicament! I decided that no matter what Dr. ZZZZZ says, I would force myself to have the courage to accept it. The day finally came and I walked into the office more nervous than I wanted to be. I was taken back immediately after checking in. Dr. ZZZZZ had an appointment and wanted to see me as soon as I got there. Dr. ZZZZZ came in smiling, shook my hand and asked me how I thought the test went. I told him that I thought it was probably a waste. I did not have any of the strange events while I was hooked up to the monitors, and I thought that the results would be ambiguous, at best. He said that he understood where I was coming from but he went on to explain that awareness of anomalous events has nothing to do with the actual event itself. And that the results from the MLTS (multiple sleep latency tests) were full of abnormalities no matter what I had experienced. He seemed very matter-of-fact. He went on to say that much of the data was inconclusive, but that was normal. There is always a lot of data! Unfortunately, he did not find anything as exciting as the symptoms. There was no large smoking gun that would explain the types of events that were occurring. There was no anomalous rise in heart rate, no detectable breathing obstructions, brainwave activity was normal and he concluded that there was nothing in his findings that would indicate anything that was impaired or dysfunctional, at least not to the level that we were looking for. However, he did find plenty of abnormal events that occurred during each nap, and throught the night. In his own words, "they simply do not have enough information yet" to cross-reference with my own information. Not yet! He referred to this ‘anomaly’ as ABRUPT ONSET ALPHA, or alpha wave intrusion indicating arousal. He also used the words, narcoleptic derivative. I also heard the term ‘sleep paralyses used as being a ‘disorder’. That was a first for me. Before he explained to me what this meant, he had to explain to me the stages of sleep, and the brainwave activity (alpha, beta, delta, theta), and their relationship with each other. He also explained R.E.M. sleep so that I would better understand the implications of an episode of sleep paralysis. Dr. ZZZZZ went on for about 45 minutes explaining to me the different abnormalities and their effect on sleep-stages. There was a lot of talk about REM and NREM. Ultimately the diagnosis was REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, or REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Derivative. This is a disorder involving some kind of miscommunication between natural sleep paralysis and the pertinent control mechanism(s). Usually, one who suffers from REMSBD has somehow bypassed the paralysis mechanism, and acts out his/her dreams in their sleep, often causing injury or death. What is happening with me is the same type of miscommunication between the paralysis and the mechanism(s) thereof, except the symptoms were reverse. Meaning the paralysis mechanism is active and alive during theses specific arousal events, and after waking. The explanation made perfect sense. Except I insisted that he tell me why he didn’t consider these abnormalities alarming, considering the symptoms that I was describing. He told me, quite matter of fact-like that these kinds of abnormalities are actually quite common. They remain unremarkable because people usually do not report the same types of experiences. In fact, people are not usually aware of anything at all. He said that the vibrations, and sensations and fear that accompanied my experiences are not as common, but they are being reported. They were more than likely a hypnopompic or hypnogogic hallucination, and that there was nothing actually happening. He went on to tell me that as long as these events weren’t causing dysfunction in my life, then there is no reason to be alarmed. I did not have the energy to argue with him. I did not have an energy-body event anyways. We chatted like this for about an hour then he let me go. I had a lot to think about now. I didn’t know if I was disappointed or not. I certainly felt ill. I felt like it was another dead end. I just wanted to go home and forget about it. I was silent for the entire bus ride home. I sat there and went over in my mind all of the things that he told me. It became clear that it wasn’t all that bad. I was told by a doctor, who tested me with the most advanced technology to date that yeah there was something wrong but it wasn’t anything to worry about. It didn’t seem to be affecting my health so there wasn’t anything left to do. That was good news, right? He also told me that it was happening to a lot of people, even though they are not aware of it. For some reason that was comforting. (It is also what many in the OBE community already knew.)

Damn it! I was hoping for a smoking gun. I would have loved to have further tests done to try and have a full event while being observed, but I just did not want to go through that again. It was actually kind of humiliating. I bared my soul to this man regarding my experiences, and he simply brushed them aside, calling them hallucinations. So, what am I crazy now? The psychiatrist said it was a medical problem, the medical doctor says that I am hallucinating. I am very confused! I did not want to be forced into a strange ‘belief system’ regarding my experiences. I promised myself to keep an open mind, but I clearly could not appreciate what I was getting from the medical community. He also told me that there just wasn’t enough information regarding my condition, and that there was just no way to come to an informed diagnosis until more research is done. I agreed with that. More research does need to be done. But I knew that a medical facility was not where it was going to happen. Not yet! I was going to have to take on the burden myself. I could not believe that I was more knowledgeable about this experience than these doctors were. That pissed me off! I knew that I was not hallucinating. I have been able to verify many things while out of body that would have been impossible otherwise. Period! I had to find a way to prove it. I had to break through. I decided I would try and devise a system of research and documentation. I had to find a way to tackle the phenomenon from both subjective and objective points of view. And I had to do it all without the help of religion or science. Fine! All that I needed was a couple of more solid OBE’s, and I was back on the trail. I couldn’t stop researching these events even if I wanted to.



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    I decided to try and devise a system of research and documentation that approached the OBE from both subjective and objective perspectives. On one hand, I could not discount the very profound and personal nature of these events. On the other, I could not discount the importance of understanding the mechanics of these events. I already had an enormous collection of journals, notes, and thoughts on the subject. I had done a lot of research and I needed to find a way to put it all together in a way that made sense of it all.

    The first thing to do was to make an ‘inventory’ of facts, at least the facts as I know them regarding OBE. I would challenge anyone to dig deep and discover what it is that they really believe. Sometimes what we believe is written all over our faces. Other times you would be very surprised! I found myself thinking back to the Monroe concept of converting ‘unknowns’ into ‘knowns’. It is very important to understand that when studying subjective subjects like the OBE, first hand experience goes a long way. I was certainly on a journey, and I have turned many unknowns into knowns. I have also taken a lot of ‘knowns’ for granted. I also had many personal beliefs about what was happening so I figured that being as objective as I could, may still turn up inaccurate results. With that in mind, I began to think about ways that I could tackle both subjective, and objective angles, without allowing one to take away from the other. I made a list of the types of experiences that were occurring. I made a list of facts regarding what I have learned so far. It was more of a brainstorming at first. Next, I divided them all up into two categories. It is the difference between objective and subjective or, fact and belief or, known and unknowns.  It was a difficult task. (It is ongoing.) Impossible taking into account that what I am calling ‘objective’ and ‘knowns’ and ‘facts’ are all completely related to my first hand experience. Others might not call that objective at all. In fact that may be closer to the definition of subjective. Either way, I wasn’t going to get any help from anyone else so the concept of proving it to myself was about as objective as I can be. Again, this is a rabbit hole, and I am dealing with a world that is full of unknowns, no matter how many knowns. I decided to list all of the information that I had come across; I realized that they were mostly knowns.

1.    Consciousness can extend beyond the human body.

a.    With an exteriorized energy vessel.

b.    Without an exteriorized energy vessel. (Mental Projection)

2.    The physical body systems have accompanying energy body systems.

3.    There is an intimate relationship the different phases of existence.

a.    Sleeping mind.

b.    Waking mind.    

c.    Dreaming mind.

4.    All physical matter, whether living or not, has a subtle energy counterpart.

5.    The energy-body systems can be stimulated through energy work.

6.    Meditation is essential to OBE.

a.    Energy work.

b.    Trance work.

7.    All matter and energies exist in a multi-dimensional universe.

8.    Awareness of an event has no bearing on an actual event.

9.    Movement, while out of body, is related to the energy in the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.

10.    Palms and soles are primary energy centers.

11.    Energy moves more natural when going from bottom to top.

12.    Awareness of the energy body can come by way of energy-body-sensations. Or EBS.

13.    Energy-body-sensations include (but are not limited to):

a.    Full or partial energy body ‘hum’

b.    Excited, adrenaline-like rush of energy throught the body.

c.    Vibrations; varying degrees.

d.    Strong electrical strobe or pulse coming from primary energy centers.

e.    Steady electrical ‘buzz/hum’ coming from primary energy centers.

f.    Exhausted feeling after an event.

g.    Memory ‘dunking’ effect.

h.    Thought-change vertigo. (Crown effect)

14.    Levels of Trance can be practiced and sustained.

15.    Fear is a necessary barrier.

16.    Split consciousness or bi-location occurs regardless of awareness.

17.    Dream-state lessons are OBE’s that we remember as a dream.

18.    Thought and reaction are instantaneous while out of body.

19.    Textures of astral matter are the same each time.

20.    Understanding and awareness are ‘attained’ through personal experience.

21.    There is a telekinetic variant to interacting while out of body.

22.    Astral ‘snags’ occur because of lack of energy.

a.    Loss of vision.

b.    Being unable to move.

c.    Intrusion by dream imagery.

23.    I am almost never aware of re-entry.

24.    No matter how much energy we raise. There are other energies involved that have nothing to do with us. Forcing an exit may not be possible every time.

25.    We are being taught energetic and spiritual concepts through OBE.

26.    Lucid dreaming is intimately connected to OBE.

27.    The abduction experience is very similar to early stages of OBE.

28.    Sleep paralysis occurs whether we are aware of it or not.

29.    We are not consciously in control of every OBE.

30.    Be careful what you ask for.

31.    Direct commands to ones Higher Self does not always work!

32.    There is a difference between the energy copy of the material world, and other astral realms.

33.    OBE happens to humans and animals.

34.    Our vital energy body is made up of subtle light-particle energy.

35.    Our bodies are a vessel for our souls.

36.    Time slip events can occur through OBE.

37.    There is a telepathic variant to OBE

38.    Your journeys out of body follow the will of your true self. You must know what you truly believe before you can be in charge of the OBE.

39.    The exit is the most difficult part.

40.    Life goes on after we ‘die’.



It appears that I know more than I realized. My list of ‘knowns’ is growing every day. And I fear that it won’t be long before I no longer have the desire to prove it to anyone. At some point, I will not care what others think. This is my experience. If you want it to be your experience than I suggest you get to work!

I am searching the faces of the Gods for information related to the OBE. I started at church. I started by reading the bible and learning about spirituality through the church. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was not going to find what I was looking for there. I tried to reach out for understanding by studying the abduction experience and becoming aware of the similarities between OBE and the abduction experience. It is nearly impossible to sift through all of the metaphysical information that is out there. Even when I sought out the help of medical professionals, I was given the run-around. I am not claiming that people have behaved in malicious ways concerning my experiences. I am saying that because there has been so little research into the matter that there is literally nowhere to turn for answers. Nowhere except myself. Now how in the hell am I supposed to remain objective? Impossible! I think that the trick will be to take my list of knowns and do some experiments to verify them. Document them and then test what I know.

This was going to be quite an undertaking. Especially considering that I have not yet achieved mastery of the OBE. I still cannot induce exit sensations by will alone. I am working on it!

    It seems that I am to take on an enormous experimentation project. I am tasked with finding my own ‘missing basics’. I must be able to show, through research and documentation that the OBE is real. That is what I intend to do.

I will not give up my research. I feel that now is the time to really dig in and find some answers. I cannot give up now! Before I go into to much detail about the kinds of experiments that I would do, I am going to have to go into much more detail about the ‘knowns’ that I have collected. There is a method to my madness. Please bear with me as I explain some important elements to this mystery.